Vision, Mision, and Goals

We believe in the power of Sports, Exercise and healthy living. The Sports and Exercise Dev SA team strives to meet its long term vision and mission of increasing sports participation of all kinds for people who want to play sports professionally, for fun and fitness, or for Leisure and recreation.

We aim to do this by:

  • Address unemployment among sports and exercise graduates by developing sports support personnel.
  • Increasing access to sport and recreational activities
  • Organizing inclusive and integrated school sports programs that emanate from physical education
  • Identifying sports talent and fostering its development
  • Promoting health, social and economic development through sports;
  • Establishing and fostering links between schools and community sports clubs;
  • Advocating for development through the power of sports;
  • Promoting sports through education and education through sport;
  • Providing affordable exercise and fitness support for people who wish to play sports or increase their physical activity;
  • Increasing awareness about the benefits of sports and recreation
  • Uniting the nation through sport

In the future, we will introduce programs that will specify in detail what the Organisations plans are to meet these goals.

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