How Schools can Fund-raise for Physical Education and Sport

How Schools can Fund-raise for Physical Education and Sport

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The importance of Physical Education and Sports (PES) in the development of children and youth is evident in research and various case studies carried out across the world. Many organizations, including governments, have conducted these case studies and yet PES is still not being prioritized in most countries. The is a missed opportunity here, I am sure you’d agree. Especially in School Sport and Physical Education.

In most countries, including South Africa. It is the responsibility of the national sports body (Department of Sports and Recreation) to ensure that schools have a functional PES program. Sometimes this is done collectively with the Education system so that the program operates as smoothly as possible and yields the desired positive outcomes.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the governments will simply claim that they have limited funds and therefore will opt not to invest in a PES program.

What can schools do then, in this predicament, to make sure they do not miss out on the very necessary Physical Education and Sports program.

Schools can entertain Concerts and Fun Days

This by far was the most popular method schools used to raise funds while I was a learner. These include the years leading up to 2010 when I completed my formal schooling. Grade twelve in South Africa.

The label of the event may differ depending on one’s level of education. In primary school, for example, these events were labeled as Fun Days. In Junior Secondary, at Job Rathebe, we referred to them as School Concert and in high school, we knew these events as School bashes.

Although the labels may differ, the idea is more or less the same. The school would pick a date on the calendar to host an event. The money would be collected from willing scholars who wished to attend the event. Most of that money is invested in the actual event while the rest would be deposited into the schools budget.

That money can then be utilized to facilitate a Physical Education and Sports program for the school.

Schools can host a Smart Phone How to Guide

Smartphones have become very popular lately and almost everyone owns one. Not everyone uses them optimally or as productive they would like to.

Young people, who are mostly learners have comprehensive knowledge on how to use smartphones and schools can leverage this to raise funds for a PES program.

Because smartphones are so versatile. Many people would pay to learn the various features that come with their shiny devices. The learners could, for example, teach the people in attendance how to video call a relative from across the country or teach them how to buy goods, food, and medication online. It is even possible to pay bills with a phone these days and these are just a few reasons why people would pay to learn how to do them.

Schools can even go further and host bank providers at a charge since most of them are trying to cut down on bank walk-ins. The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is coming and the world is becoming more and more digital.

Schools can have a car wash fundraising

Another way schools can raise money is by hosting a car wash fundraising. this works best over the weekend.

very simple yet very effective. Scholars should host the car wash within school premises, under the surveillance of teachers of course, as this would be safer.

The school will decide the amount to charge for the different cars and the funds raised will be invested into the school PES program.

Schools can have color runs

A great concept because it incorporates exercise.

During a color run, runners dress up in all white clothing and well, run. The color part comes into play at different stations along the run were participants use color on themselves and other runners to make the run more colorful and a lot more fun.

For that reason, a color run is more about how colorful a runner is at the end of the race and less about how fast they finished the race.

Schools can use this concept to raise money. The school should facilitate the run and the funds raised must be invested into the schools Physical Education and Sports program.

Schools can have a physical activity day

During a physical activity day, a school hosts people to participate in various physical activities to raise funds. This works best for schools that have physical education in their curriculum.

I have hosted a few of these events and we usually have different stations with each station having an instructor to instruct a group of people on a specific activity. Some of the most popular activities are aerobics, kids athletics, running relays, tug of war and others.

This is a very short list of recommendations for schools looking to raise funds for Physical Education and sport. These are ready to be implemented suggestions but they may not necessarily be applicable to your school. If that is the case, please don’t be discouraged to comment with other suggestions of your own. Remember I learn from you just as much as you learn from me.

If on the other hand, your school has never utilized any of these suggested please try them out and let us know how it goes.  Do not forget to subscribe to the blog to read more content like this and others. The previous article was about Sport for Social change, what do you think I should write about next. I am looking forward to your suggestions. Until next time, keep moving.

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